As a leader in the global eye care industry, CIBA VISION is committed to helping people worldwide achieve "Better Eyes for a Better Life." We believe that reaching this goal means reaching out to the communities in which we live and work, volunteering our time and efforts, and investing in programs that support us in the effort to protect, preserve and enhance eyesight.

In an effort to be an active and responsible corporate citizen, the CIBA VISION Philanthropy and Community Development Program was established to positively impact the community by providing our expertise and assets, in a manner that reflects our overall mission and values.

In order to help people achieve better eyes for a better life, our areas of philanthropy focus on programs that are related to eye health and vision education. We also consider local community requests consistent with CIBA VISION's mission and values.

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Community Investment Priorities

First consideration will be given to proposals designed to benefit the communities where company headquarters employees live and work - the Atlanta metropolitan region. Consideration will also be given to national and international programs that meet the Program's issue priorities.

Eye health and vision education have been identified as the two distinct issue priorities for the CIBA VISION Community Investment Program. We also consider local community requests consistent with CIBA VISION's mission and values.

  • Eye Health and Vision Education - CIBA VISION is dedicated to providing better eyes for a better life. This commitment extends to our efforts out in the community. Good vision and proper eye care are a health necessity, and as a world leader in the eye care industry, CIBA VISION has unique expertise and knowledge to address this issue in our community. Therefore, the Community Investment Program intends to support initiatives that promote eye health and work to prevent blindness with particular emphasis on programs serving at-risk populations including children, the elderly and the underprivileged. We are also committed to educating the public about the importance of vision care and its impact on people's lives. We are therefore proud to offer our expertise and resources to assist organizations who work to educate the public on vision care and eye health.
  • Local Community Requests - As a corporate leader in the Atlanta community, CIBA VISION will consider requests from organizations and activities that seek to enrich our community, with a particular emphasis on education.

Community Investment Guidelines

All requests for funding must be submitted in writing and the requesting organization must have a tax exempt nonprofit status as outlined by the Internal Revenue Codes.

All applications for support should include the following data:

  • Name, mission and complete contact information for organization
  • Brief description of purpose of request and amount of request
  • Copy of declaration document verifying Section 501 (c) (3) status of the organization
  • List of other current corporate supporters
  • Description of how the organization measures its effectiveness
  • Statement of how CIBA VISION funds will be used

Only the grant requesters that meet the priorities outlined above will be considered. Only requests from organizations that support eye health, vision education, as well as community organizations in the Atlanta metro area whose service offerings are consistent with CIBA VISION's mission and values, will be considered and reviewed.

CIBA VISION does not fund mass-mail appeals, political organizations, capital campaigns, administrative expenses, multi-year pledges, athletic activities, or ongoing fundraising activities of local schools, trips, purely social and religious projects or individual support.

You can mail a request for funding to:

Corporate Communications
11460 Johns Creek Pkwy
Duluth, GA 30097

Or, email us at

Volunteer Assistance Guidelines

CIBA VISION encourages our employees to be active volunteers in the community, contributing their personal commitment, skills and resources toward shaping a better future for our communities.

CIBA VISION is proud to offer its employees meaningful opportunities to give back to their communities. Requests for volunteer assistance should include a volunteer job description with tasks, time expectations and skills needed. We consider the following when deciding what volunteer opportunities we will promote to our employees:

  • The skills and interests of our employees
  • Our ability to promote the opportunity in a timely and effective manner
  • Capacity of the organization to effectively utilize volunteers and provide a meaningful experience
  • What time of day and week volunteers are needed
  • The number of volunteers being requested.
  • Past experience with the nonprofit organization
  • Location of the volunteer experience
  • The organization's service offerings fall within our contribution priorities

Product Donations

Contact lenses are a medical device that should only be dispensed by a licensed eye care professional, CIBA VISION is prohibited from providing direct donations of contact lenses. However, we do offer lens care product donations for causes such as disaster relief efforts.