Healthier Eyes and Longer Comfort

The new AIR OPTIXTM AQUA breathable contact lenses provides an ideal combination of OXYGEN and MOISTURE to offer a whole new level of comfort all day, everyday for a healthy, natural feeling.

AIR OPTIXTM AQUA lenses are made of a revolutionary Silicone Hydrogel material that allows up to 5 times more oxygen* through the lens. This means your eyes breathe better and stay fresh all through the day!

The unique AQUA Moisture System lubricates, maintains and sustains moisture for comfort on contact, all day and every day.

Experience a new level of comfort for a healthy, natural feeling.

Ask your eye care professional about AIR OPTIXTM AQUA or visit to learn about our family of AIR OPTIXTM products.

* AIR OPTIX™ AQUA : Dk/t 138 @ -3.00D. Other factors may affect eye health.