Clear Eyes and Longer Comfort.

You can now enjoy the breathability and comfort of AIR OPTIXTM in a toric lens. The brand new AIR OPTIXTM FOR ASTIGMATISM is made of a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material, that transmits up to 7x more oxygen through the lens.

With its breakthrough Precision Balance 8|4 design, the lens maintains outstanding visual acuity and comfort throughout the entire wearing cycle.

In addition, the lens surface features a patented permanent biocompatible plasma surface treatment that effectively resists deposits for clean lens surface and excellent visual acuity at all times.


Better comfort at the end of the day+.


Less dryness+.


Better overall and more consistent clear vision+.


Whiter, healthy-looking eyes.

1Calculation based on value in Tylers Quarterly-December 2006
+Compared to the leading traditional lenses for astigmatism.

Ask your eye care professional about AIR OPTIXTM FOR ASTIGMATISM or visit to learn about our family of AIR OPTIXTM products.