Crisp, Clear Vision at all distances.

With AIR OPTIXTM AQUA MULTIFOCAL, you now have a new and innovative option in contact lenses. From reading to working on a computer, to driving, AIR OPTIXTM AQUA MULTIFOCAL optimizes near and intermediate vision without compromising distance vision.

An advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy natural feeling

When you wear contact lenses, two essential elements your eyes need to stay healthy and comfortable are: moisture and oxygen. AIR OPTIXTM AQUA MULTIFOCAL lenses give you both.


Made with highly breathable silicone hydrogel material, which allows up to 5 times more oxygen through the lens for white, healthy-looking eyes.


The AQUA Moisture System for comfort on contact, all day, every day.

Unique Precision ProfileTM design

Starting with the centre reading zone, AIR OPTIXTM AQUA MULTIFOCAL is designed to provide clear vision and smooth transition as your eyes naturally move from one focal distance to another. The lens is designed to successfully fit both emerging and advanced presbyobes.

Ask your eye care professional about AIR OPTIXTM AQUA or visit to learn about our family of AIR OPTIXTM products.